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    We bring brands to life
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    The largest trial and demo service company in Asia
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    Covering a nationwide network of stores all over Thailand
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    We bring
    to life

Demo Power was established in 1996 and is the largest trial and demonstration service company in Asia, covering a nationwide network of stores in Thailand.

We believe that product demonstration and product sampling effectively helps to maximize brand awareness and conversion.

We specialize in unique and highly customized total brand experience campaigns that create great brand awareness and drive brand engagement.

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Demopower manages the whole process for the most effective service with a single point of contact for every activity to maximize efficiency and full control.
Demopower has an extensive retailer network, managing customized marketing campaigns in more than 500 stores every day.
Thanks to our exclusive agreements and partnerships with leading retailers and channels, Demopower is an undisputed leader in its category.
Demopower serves the top leading national and international brands in Thailand. From food to beverages, from detergent to personal care, hundreds of clients trust Demopower's extensive experience everyday.
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