Why do we peak during "J" festival every year ?

Why do we peak during "J" festival every year ?

Vegetarian “J” Festival is one of the most colorful seasonal event celebrations in Thailand. Kasikorn Research Center assessed that during the Vegetarian Festival in 2019, Bangkokians will spend approximately 4.8 billion baht in vegan products, which is 2.4 % higher compared to 2018.

J Festival 2019

Every year, DemoPower Thailand experienced a peak during the "J" festival when millions of Thais change their diet and go meat-free for 9 days. We took a snapshot on a few campaigns that we organized for select brands in locations countrywide. 

Demonstration & Samplings

We were hired by multiple soy milk brands, such as Vitamilk and V-Soy, to do product demonstration and samplings in retail stores. Our baristas engaged hundred thousand of shoppers who witnessed the physical products experience at our booths in super - & hypermarkets, traditional trade, cash and carry nationwide.

In-Store Activations

To raise incremental awareness and superior engagement, in some flagship stores, DemoPower organized mini events in the merchandise area. Our professional activation team organized fun & interactive gamification and freebies. As a result, big crowds were drawn to the event space. 

Mass Transit Activations

DemoPower's activation team orchestrated well-trained Coupon Buddies to engage passengers at 5 BTS Stations, where ten-thousands of traveler’s pass. This way they were able to personally engage and interact with thousands of BTS commuters, handing coupon vouchers and promoting Vegetarian “J” Festival for 101 True Digital Park.

DemoPower Thailand during J Festival

These are only a few examples of one of the many industries, where brands plan for trial as a strategic part of their market penetration strategy, trusting DemoPower to engage millions of consumers all over Thailand. Interested in this kind of event? Contact us info@demopower.com

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