Product Demo & Sampling

Available experts and exclusive locations

Fixed Booth

Placed at a prime location, the Fixed Booth catches the eyes of your target shoppers. Utilizing the large booth, we can provide impressive product trial experience and in-depth brand communication with the highest return on investment.

Fixed Booth with TV

The built-in TV can be used to show complex product demonstrations which can be delivered by an Expert or a Celebrity Brand Ambassador, as always supported by one or more of DemoPower’s Experts.

Roaming Booth

The Roaming Booth can move around the store providing high visibility and encouraging immediate trial everywhere. It helps to reach out to relevant shoppers not only inside the category but also in cross-category locations.

Hanging Tray

Increase brand awareness through a mobile brand ambassador with the Hanging Tray, circulating your product around the store and thus reach the highest potential target. We can provide in-depth brand message to the target shopper and induce conversion.